Sunday, July 9, 2023

RFK Boise Camp In Review

 The Royal Family Kids' Boise camp is done for 2023. The camping gear is put away and everyone has returned to their life's routine.  Before completely closing out the last chapter of our 2023 camp, we thought is would be a good time to review and remember the fun we had. Here's a video of the buddies, campers, and staff enjoying their time at camp.

Friday, June 23, 2023

Day Five - It is Not Goodbye

 This morning we picked up where we left off in the account of Jospeh’s life.  Joseph is in prison, God enables Joseph to interpret the dreams of two of the pharaoh’s staff, and ultimately interpret the dreams of the pharaoh himself.  The pharaoh’s dreams predict 7 years of a rich harvest and 7 years of famine. Seeing God’s favor on Joseph, the pharaoh makes him second in command with the responsibility of preparing for the famine. 

Camper is putting on the Joseph costume to be a part of the story

Just as predicted, the famine hits and not only affects Egypt, it affects those in the surrounding area.  This includes Joseph’s family. Joseph’s brothers travel to Egypt to ask to buy food, Joseph recognizes them and tests his brothers see they have changed hearts from when they sold him into slavery, seeing their hears have changed,  Joseph reveals himself to them and provides food and land for his father and his brothers in Egypt.  

Buddies play the part of Joseph's brothers seeking food

While Joseph suffered in the beginning, God used those circumstances to save his family and provide for them.  Joseph states, “And now, do not be distressed and do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you.” Genesis 45:5 NIV

If you want to learn more about Joseph, follow this link.

During this week, the camp drama team has been regaling the camper with the story if Bandyanna Bones and the Search for the Tree of Life.  The small band of travelers makes their way through the jungle in search of the Tree of Life, while facing many perils including a brush with an anaconda. They do find the Tree of Life at the end of their journey and agree that each person must make their own way to find the Tree of Life. 

Left to right: Native, Bandyanna Bones, Dr Banks, Prissy, and Lensy Lew 

The underlying message, that is spoken throughout the play is, if you want favor with both God and man, and a reputation for good judgment and common sense, then trust the Lord completely; don’t ever trust yourself.

Kid Royale hands out crocodiles

As in years past, the camp mascot, Kid Royale provides toys as a reward for campers doing Acts of Kindness. These acts can take on many forms, sharing toys, holding doors open, cleaning tables, the list goes on. All campers are recognized throughout the week and this year they received a stuffed toy crocodile. Kid Royale is a camp favorite. 

With today being our last day of camp, we packed up, had lunch, and traveled home.  Every year we preform a couple of songs for the campers’ care givers. This year we sang two camp favorites, My Lighthouse and Jesus Loves Me, the Go Fish version. 

There was also a video of the campers’ week that showed the fun events in which they participate.   Then the campers were off to finish their summer.  At camp we don’t like to say goodbye, rather, we say until we see you again.

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Day Four – Speedboats, Waves, and Sand

 It is another sunny day for our campers, buddies, and staff. After a good breakfast, the campers attended J-Zone, a time of teaching, music, puppets, and drama.

Sue tells the story of Joseph as a slave in Egypt. 

A camper plays the role of Joseph in chains.

During J-Zone today, Bible Teacher Sue continued with the story of Joseph.  Sold to a man named Potiphar, an official of the Pharoah, Joseph was recognized for his education, leadership, and God’s favor on his life. Potiphar put Joseph in charge of his businesses and household.  But Joseph’s world crashed down around him, when he was falsely accused of attacking Potiphar’s wife.  Joseph was sent to a prison that was established to hold prisoners of Pharoah.  The prison warden recognized that Joseph had the favor of God on his life and was put him in charge of the prison. This is where we leave Joseph for now. 

Campers riding in the speedboat 

Campers riding in the speedboat 

The campers were able to spend the afternoon on the waterfront, swimming, boating, and playing on the sandy beach.  The campers were able to skim across the water in the camp speed boat.  All were smiling broadly and laughing as the enjoyed the ride. 

Camper takes a swim

Camper catches a water beetle 

Buddy displays the camper's big catch  

Today was the last day for fishing. Many campers surrounded the fishing hole in hopes of one more big catch. This hope became a reality for one of our campers, who reeled in a fish over 18 inches. He hold the largest fish record for our this camp's season.

This evening was a time for distributing awards. Each camper was given an award that reflect some of the things they enjoyed during camp, such as best zipline rider or bug box builder.  The evening ended on a happy note.

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Day Three- Hello Sunshine

What a difference a day makes. The campers were greeted with sunny skies and warmer temperatures today. Good weather means more opportunities to enjoy the camp's activities. Fishing continued to be a favorite activity, but campers spent time riding the zipline and doing woodworking.

Camper rides the zipline

The zipline was a new experience for some campers and it took a bit of courage to take that first ride. But once the new campers did so, they were hooked and took as many turns on the zipline that time would allow.

Dollhouse with people

There was also a lot of activity in the woodworking booth.  Dollhouses and birdhouses seemed to be popular today. Tom our woodworker gets custom requests as well.  Creating a tank from pieces of this and that is not out of the question for Tom.  

Custom tank built by Tom 

Birdhouse with lookout

Shirts were not the only thing being tied died today

Yesterday we learned that Joseph’s brothers had sold him into slavery. Fast forward to today, and Bible teacher Sue asked the question, “What did Joseph lose when he was sold into slavery?” The campers replied with family, pets, love of his brothers, mom, dad, his coat, and ultimately his freedom.  Our campers can experience a similar losses to Joseph’s which makes his story very real to them.  We know that the story ends well for Joseph, but during his struggle, it would be hard for Joseph to know this.  We will continue with Joseph’s story over the next two days. 

Camper playing Joseph when he is the head of Potiphar's household  

Camper set to walk the plank

Beside the story of Joseph, we also have object lessons. In today’s lesson we learned about facing challenges while carrying the weight of hurtful things we have experience in life. In essence, it is like trying to cross a thin plank while holding a bag of potatoes and being blinded fold.  We have to opportunity to give those hurtful things to God, ask for his healing, and address life’s challenges free of the burdens.  In our lesson, the camper was able to walk the plank from end to end, when he was not weighed down with the potatoes and with the help of Sue by his side.

Camper performs his talent of balancing a ping pong ball on a paddle while in flight 

If it is Wednesday during the week of camp, it is time for the Give it a Go show, where the campers perform for their buddies and staff. The acts ranged from songs, to art shows, with a mixture of dancing and puppet shows in-between. Each camper was cheered on as they performed. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Day Two – Snow Day

 You know what they say about Idaho weather, if you do not like the weather, wait a couple of hours and it will change. It is not often you get snow in June, but when you do take advantage of it. Campers made good use of the snow buy grabbing one of the camp sleds and take a few runs down the hill.

extra points for style

Campers downhill sledding 

Tie Expert Darrell

Today, the Activity Center had a first ever tie die shirt station. Campers with tie die expert Darrell to create some colorful shirts.  We had some great designs by the time the campers were done.

Some of the finished products drying

Campers creating their tie die shirts

Today during J-Zone, we learned about Joseph, who came from a blended family, and was his father’s favorite.  This favoritism caused a rift between Joseph and his brothers that could not mended. The family is torn apart when his brothers decide to sell him into slavery.  Just like Joseph, our campers’ family units have been dissolved and they are forced into new circumstances and different living situations. His story is one that is relatable to theirs. 

Christian rapper Dany Gray

Christian rapper Dany Gray 

Christian rapper Kurtis Hoppie

 We were fortunate enough to have Christian rappers Dany Gray and Kurtis Hoppie give a concert for our campers tonight. The musicians brought a message of hope and encouragement. A part of their message is that each camper has a unique set of skills and life experiences -there is no one just like them. They should look for God’s call on their lives and work towards it. Do not be distracted from the path God has put you on and do not listen to detractors- follow your dreams. 

Monday, June 19, 2023

Day One - Welcome to Camp


When the campers arrive on Day One, RFK Boise camp buddies and staff welcome campers with poster. Most of posters have the names of the campers and positive messages, but some, like the one pictured below tell a story of what is to come.

Poster create by local artist DeAnn Slaughter

As the poster depicts, campers can expect to learn about Joseph, a teenager sold into slavery by his bothers and forced to traverse difficult life events with only to faith in the God to carry him through.  We will also follow the drama of Bandyanna Jones as he and his fellow travelers face difficulties in the jungle as they search for the Tree of Life. Campers can also expect to get some fishing in as well as a few Bible verses along the way. 

Rain showers arrived during the night and continued during our first day. So What can you do on a rainy day at camp?

Fishing is always an option. Campers and buddies lined the banks of the fishing pond with hopes of catching the big one. The fish were very elusive today, except for three of them.  Starting out todays count is boys 2 fish, girls 1.  

If fishing is not your game, then how about face painting. Some of the campers and buddies tried some new designs as a part of their artistic design. 

And of course, what would be a full art experience if you did not include spin art.  Campers and buddies picked their favorite colors, flip on the spinner and came out with some color examples in creativity. 

We are not just limited to art, puppet shows and bubbles are always good options.

Music Lady Lynne being entertained by puppeteers


It has been a long tradition of offering handmade quilts to first time campers. Project Linus has been a supporter of the camp for years by providing the quilts. These quilts quickly become cherished keepsakes for campers, who maybe experience the warmth of a quilt for the first.  

We want to thank the Project Linus for the continued support of our camp.